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Conspiracy of Lies - Book Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

by Kathryn Gauci



5 stars


This World War 11 thriller begins in 1940 with an intriguing prologue. The story then moves to Leicestershire, England, and in the year 2001. The details and relationships of the Bradshaw family unfold slowly, setting up the moment when the aging matriarch, Claire, a woman with secrets, knows her time is short. She chooses to revisit the past for her daughter’s sake. The two women travel to France and make their way to a cottage in Brittany. Once there people and places prompt memories from decades before, when Claire’s seemingly innocent journey develops into a spying adventure. There’s no turning back, for Claire or for the reader.

We leave the bewildered daughter in modern France and travel with Claire, headlong into the dangerous encounters that befall those who resist an invader. The French team undertakes terrifying cat-and-mouse missions to find the information they seek. Each success brings them closer to detection from a vigilant Gestapo. Who will be caught? Who will crack under pressure? And what names will they reveal to their captors?

Conspiracy of Lies is a nail-bitingly journey.

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