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Books by J. Victoria Michael

SongBird Book Cover

Irenya O’Neil is trapped in another dimension. She needs to go home to her infant son, but the way she came is not the way back. She finds she has a unique gift of power; if she could just figure out how it works she could go home. Her journey has just begun.


GriffinSong Volume 1

GriffinSinger Book Cover

Irenya finds the seer, Fis, who confuses her with grave warnings. A series of events, including being lost in the desert, lead Irenya to the information she needs. Now she can go home to her infant son Mikey. But the Melbourne she left is not the city that awaits her. Stunned, she takes the only course of action that can offer her and Mikey hope for the future.  


GriffinSong Volume 2

FleetWalker Book Cover

Irenya O’Neil reaches out to the starlight and calls on all her hard-won power to find and rescue the realm’s new MageGate – the people’s hope for the future and Irenya’s own flesh and blood. She has come a long way from the terrified young woman who stumbled from 20th Century Melbourne into Dar Orien with a shopping trolley, and a desperate need to find her way home. But in a world where she is still seen as alien, can she convince the established order that her way of accessing power is not a dangerous aberration, but a pathway for all to explore?

The words of the dying seer Fis, burn in her mouth as she risks her life, the welcome of her adopted world, and her dearest love, to speak as MageVoice to the imperilled realm.


GriffinSong Volume 3



GriffinSong Prologue

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The brass section of the orchestra crackled, and the resonance of a pipe organ reverberated through the packed concert hall. Violins quivered. The voices of three hundred students rose in unison and the music gathered pace towards its finale. For thirteen-year-old Irenya O’Neil, who had sung the anthem often enough in rehearsal, the sustained passion of the performance caught up her voice and fused it to the music, swept her to a place entirely new. She closed her eyes and soared higher and higher, though the girl knew she was still standing, real and solid, in the hall. The sound faded, though she felt no incongruity in that change, no fear of heights or of forests far below. Her wings were huge golden pinions, feathers tipped black and gleaming in the starlight. She heard her voice singing from the stars, no longer the promising girlish descant but a strong pure voice chanting a song of power. Each note streamed off her wings…


Irenya sensed something amiss as the final triumphant note thundered through the hall. She opened her eyes on a bewildering scene. In a circle around her, students were crying out, flinging up their arms for protection.


Next morning they were reprimanded for almost ruining the final moments of the concert. The girls said they

suddenly felt as if they were flying among the stars on a huge bird. Some claimed they heard the creature calling to them. The Principal eyed each student, weighing adolescent hysteria against calculated prank. Her gaze rested on Irenya, the only student who stared at the floor and said nothing.


The Principal concluded that whatever the cause, their lack of discipline had been unacceptable. She punished them with a brief suspension from the choir, except for Irenya, whom she branded with a speculative stare.
Rumours began to circulate and some students avoided her. She left the choir, said singing was boring, but told her grandmother the one truth she understood.
‘I don’t want to sing anymore. My throat goes so tight it hurts.’ 

Reader Reviews

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