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Pierrot’s Song - Book Review

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

by Rachel Nightingale

Book 3 of the Tales of Tarya



5 stars


The final volume of any series carries a weight of expectation and achievement, and Pierrot’s Song delivers in abundance. I read this book in two days, which seems rude considering the time and effort the author has spent creating this inspiring tale of magic and wonder. There’s no holding back when you’re reading the third book of a trilogy and you know it’s going to be a fabulous ride.

“Sing your song to the stars.”

The quest, so well established in the first two books, takes Mina and her friends on a tortuous journey into ancient mountain caves where the truth of Litonya’s history is revealed. Their discoveries point the way to their arch enemy and the heart of what is wrong in the land. Mina recognises her tremendous power; she also becomes aware of her dark side. The best speculative fiction produces enigmatic parallels of our humanity and the world we inhabit.

“When the moon falls from the sky

and the wind begins to moan

I will call your soul to me

And my song will lead you home.”

Pierrot’s Song draws the mystical narrative of Tarya to a moving, lyrical conclusion, well-conceived and beautifully written. I want to read this book again – slowly – to enjoy the details and absorb the creative intelligence behind the world of Tarya.

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