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Hello and welcome to my website. 

I'm Judith Victoria Michael, the author of the GriffinSong Trilogy. Right now I am currently looking forward to the release Volumes two and three. My books are primarily within the fantasy fiction genre taking readers to new worlds they've never been. 

I have a passion for epic stories that stir my imagination, taking me into shadow worlds where strange things happen, and words make music. I am a New Zealand-born writer now living in Melbourne. GriffinSong Trilogy is my debut as a novel writer. My short stories have been awarded and published in hard copy and e-zines.

Books by J. Victoria Michael

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GriffinSong Volume 1


Irenya is trapped in another dimension. SEE MORE

GriffinSong Volume 2


Irenya finds the seer, Fis.


GriffinSong Volume 3


Ilkyrie Citadel is attacked and Mikey abducted. SEE MORE

GriffinSong Trilogy Publisher

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Visit my publisher, Odyssey Books, for more information about my GriffinSong Trilogy. Along with my works, you can see many amazing books on offer for all tastes. 


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